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There are those times wherein you decide to move into another place and the most important belongings in your old house that is difficult to move are in the kitchen. From refrigerator, kitchen utensils, kitchen cabinets, oven, microwave, rice cooker and the blender, they are part of the most essential part in your house. You basically used them every day in your daily routine. Thinking what to keep, what to take out, what to pack and unpacked is such a stressful thing. That’s why Kitchener Moving is here to assist you in your moving dilemmas.

Kitchener Moving is established to help you in a situation like this, having only the best and the most unique service that you deserve. We are unique in a sense that we provide cleaning service after we pack and do the same thing after we unpack. In fact, we help our customers to clean the whole house or office before we unpack. We just did not hire our mover who’s only good in moving, we hire them for having a meticulous handling of the job in a well oriented manner. Here at Kitchener Moving, we are providing the largest container in all moving company. Here at Kitchener, the reason that we have the largest container is that you never have to hire two or more trucks just to make a single move. It is designed for our clients to save not just money but time as well. Kitchener Moving is honored in receiving a thousand good feedbacks from our customers who worked with us, thanking us for giving them a one of a kind service experience and even sending a “thank you” card after the move. Here at Kitchener Moving, we simply want nothing but the best for all of our clients. For those who would want to move with us in the future, we assure you that you will also receive a spectacular service. Fast and very consistent service that is right for you.

Get a Moving Quote with Kitcherner Moving and use our Great Movers Prices

Our Company

KITCHENER MOVING has been very consistent in what they do. For ten years, they have been satisfying one client at a time with every hassle-free moving experience at a very affordable price. With trained and skilled movers who are careful with all your items and a friendly and professional staff, you would never have to worry about your move.

Our Services

  • Residential Moving
  • Local Moves
  • Long Distance
  • Moving Storage
  • Packing Service
  • Office Moving


It was a stress-free move… Those guys were amazing and no regrets of giving them additional money rewards.
— Phillip 29 Rochester

The service as well as the customer service was really good… I can’t even think of my move not being taken care of.
— Janice 26 Hamilton

Residential Moving

Residential moving is a common task we do. With moving comes various things to keep in mind to ensure the move is done well. One of the prime concerns is the safety especially during transit. Kitchener Moving offers residential moving at an affordable price. Despite the rates, however, you can bank on getting excellent service that even luxury movers cannot give. With new innovations used in the moving service, it is expected to always get positive feedbacks from our customers. We have complete materials and equipment to make each move easier and stress-free. With the quality of the move they got from Kitchener Moving, customers have confidently recommended us to friends and family who are in need of our help. Thank to our professional movers who forms a big part of the success of the company. Dont be the last person to book this week. Call us now!

Local Moves

Kitchener Moving offers local move for a maximum of 100 miles from your old home. We offer a full service move or labor move. Our staff is dedicated and willing to help anytime you want and give you the best deal that will be an advantage on your part.Kitchener Moving does not only move you, but help you save your money as well. Moving with the company is very affordable that most people can avail of our services. We have our experts who give a precise estimate so you could allocate an exact amount for your local move. All our staff and movers are honest, quick, strong and worthy to be trusted. They have good morals and are dedicated in their work. Don’t settle with other moving companies that you can’t, it might just mess your move. Call only Kitchener Moving and book today!

Long Distance

Whenever you want to move long distance, you need to hire a reliable and credible moving company which provides standard quality moving service. With Kitchener Moving, you can sleep very well without any worries because the company provides awesome service plus insurance. Kitchener Moving offers fix pricing and fair to all customers. When you call to our hotline, you will receive automatically a precise price for your move at an affordable rate. We never charge our clients for gas and mileage fee. We have professionals who will help you in your moving preparations. If it is a long distance moving, we know how difficult it is. With our movers, we make iteasy, quick and safe.We focus in our customers needs and hear out their suggestions. We value their time as we value ours. Hence, we do our move depending on the clients’ convenience. We are committed on the scheduled move and always on time. Book now!

Moving Storage

Kitchener Moving offers storage service which is more flexible and secure. We take the stress from you and replace it with good quality storage service that will guarantee your satisfaction.Anyone can use our service whether you’re here in our city or moving in here from other state. Our storage units can handle whatever items from the customer. We guarantee of the safety of your belongings with our regular fumigation and cleaning to our warehouse to prevent pest and pets coming in that can cause damages. Security is made tight as well so you are sure that nobody messes with your things. Our service is very affordable and is complete with insurance. Choosing our storage service will be a wise choice for you. You don’t get only have reliable service but as well as you have a credible movers who can give you quality storage service. Reserve a unit today!

Packing Service

You will need good packing for a successful move. Poor packing may lead to destruction and damage of all your items. You can do the packing by your own if you have the idea on how to do t properly. Otherwise, you may want to hire packing service from the movers. Kitchener Moving offers packing service to their customers who want to avail of the service. This includes providing packing materials and labor. Packers wrap and box your things standardly and quick. Even with your smallest items will be handled professionally. Specialty and large things like appliances, furniture, piano and art works are wrapped securely. Make the right decision now. We are available anytime, so grab your phone and call us, pronto!

Office Moving

Having office relocation is a daunting task for the company as well as its employees. Doing this kind of move would require proper planning and coordination with the right movers. Kitchener Moving offers office moving to all businesses all over Kitchener. We have well-trained office movers who can handle your relocation. It doesn’t matter if you have lots of cabinets, documents or office electronics, our movers will move it as quick as you are expecting. Kitchener Moving offers affordable office moving service where you can have a full service at a reasonable price. We give insurance to all businesses that avail our service. Call us at your most convenient time so we can plan your relocation.

Industrial Moving

When making an industrial move, planning is critical. This is because doing this kind of move is critical. That is why Kitchener moving gives its best to provide new innovation for industrial moving.Industrial moving here in Kitchener moving has a high quality standard service for business moving. We have professionals who will help you. Our staffs are responsible and will coordinate all their actions with you. Our extensive experience for this industrial moving gives us more credibility to perform the job smoothly. We take pride for the quality of service we are offering. Give us a call so you can have some advices from our experts and we can plan for your move.

About Us

Since 2012, KITCHENER MOVING has been very consistent in what they do. For ten years, they have been satisfying one client at a time with every hassle-free moving experience at a very affordable price. With trained and skilled movers who are careful with all your items and a friendly and professional staff, you would never have to worry about your move. As we go on our next decade of service, we will continue to give you the best service at the most affordable price that you, our customer, deserve. So when youre planning on moving across town or across the country KITCHENER MOVING is the right choice for your move. We will always work hard to give you the best, the fastest and the most convenient moving experience of your life.